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Refurbished Alliance Washer Output Board – Fixed Motor


Interchangeable Part Numbers: 370448-12, 370448-12A, 370448-12P, 37044812, 037044812, F037044812

Replaced by: F037044860-1

***This control board will only work in washers with fixed motors.***


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DC20AC2, DC30AC2, DC40AC2, DC60AC2, HC125BCV, HC125BYV, HC20AC2, HC20ACV, HC20AL2, HC20AX2, HC20AY2, HC20AYV, HC20BC2, HC20BL2, HC20BX2, HC20BY2, HC25AC2, HC25AL2, HC25AX2, HC25AY2, HC25BC2, HC25BL2, HC25BX2, HC25BY2, HC30AC2, HC30ACV, HC30AL2, HC30AX2, HC30AY2, HC30AYV, HC30BC2, HC30BL2, HC30BX2, HC30BY2, HC40AC2, HC40ACV, HC40AL2, HC40AX2, HC40AY2, HC40AYV, HC40BC2, HC40BL2, HC40BX2, HC40BY2, HC50BC2, HC50BL2, HC50BX2, HC50BY2, HC60AC2, HC60ACF, HC60ACV, HC60AL2, HC60ALF, HC60AX2, HC60AXF, HC60AY2, HC60AYF, HC60AYV, HC60BC2, HC60BCF, HC60BL2, HC60BLF, HC60BX2, HC60BXF, HC60BY2, HC60BYF, HC80ACV, HC80ALV, HC80AXV, HC80AYV, HC80BCV, HC80BLV, HC80BXV, HC80BYV, SC125BYV, SC20AC2, SC20ACV, SC20AL2, SC20AX2, SC20AY2, SC20AYV, SC20BC2, SC20BL2, SC20BX2, SC20BY2, SC25AC2, SC25AL2, SC25AX2, SC25AY2, SC25BC2, SC25BL2, SC25BX2, SC25BY2, SC30AC2, SC30ACV, SC30AL2, SC30AX2, SC30AY2, SC30AYV, SC30BC2, SC30BL2, SC30BX2, SC30BY2, SC40AC2, SC40ACV, SC40AL2, SC40AX2, SC40AY2, SC40AYV, SC40BC2, SC40BL2, SC40BX2, SC40BY2, SC50BC2, SC50BL2, SC50BX2, SC50BY2, SC60AC2, SC60ACF, SC60ACV, SC60AL2, SC60ALF, SC60AX2, SC60AXF, SC60AY2, SC60AYF, SC60AYV, SC60BC2, SC60BCF, SC60BL2, SC60BLF, SC60BX2, SC60BXF, SC60BY2, SC60BYF, SC80ACV, SC80ALV, SC80AXV, SC80AYV, SC80BCV, SC80BLV, SC80BXV, SC80BYV,