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Refurbished Alliance 20 Button OPL Dryer Control Board



Interchangeable Part Numbers: 70228401, 70228401P, 70228401R, 70228401RP, 70242501, M413498, M413498P

Replaced by Part Number: 70228401P

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AT120CSH, AT120FG, AT170CSH, AT170FG, ATB50CG, ATB50CSH, ATB75CG, ATB75CSH, DA0220SRG, DA0270SRG, DA0350SRG, DC0220SEL, DC0220SFG, DC0220SRG, DC0220SSH, DC0220SSL, DC0270SEL, DC0270SFG, DC0270SRG, DC0270SSH, DC0270SSL, DC0350SEL, DC0350SFG, DC0350SRG, DC0350SSH, DC0350SSL, DC120CSH, DC120FG, DC170CSH, DC170FG, DCB30CE, DCB30CG, DCB30CSH, DCB30CSL, DCB50CE, DCB50CG, DCB50CSH, DCB50EG, DCB75CE, DCB75CG, DCB75CSH, DCB75CSL, DCB75FG, DT0220SEL, DT0220SFG, DT0220SRG, DT0220SSH, DT0220SSL, DT0270SEL, DT0270SFG, DT0270SRG, DT0270SSH, DT0270SSL, DT0350SEL, DT0350SFG, DT0350SRG, DT0350SSH, DT0350SSL, DT120CSH, DT120FG, DT170CSH, DT170FG, DT30CE, DT30CG, DT30CGI, DT30CSH, DT30CSL, DT30EG, DT30EGI, DTB30CE, DTB30CG, DTB30CSH, DTB30CSL, DTB30EG, DTB50CE, DTB50CG, DTB50CSH, DTB50CSL, DTB50EG, DTB634, DTB75CE, DTB75CG, DTB75CSH, DTB75CSL, DTB75EG, DTB75FG, GA025L, GA025N, GA030L, GA030N, GA035L, GA035N, GA050L, GA050L, GA050N, GA050N, GA055L, GA055N, GA075L, GA075L, GA075N, GA075N, GA120L, GA120L, GA120N, GA120N, GA170L, GA170L, GA170N, GA170N, GC0220SEL, GC0220SSL, GC0270SEL, GC0270SFG, GC0270SRG, GC0270SSH, GC0270SSL, GH030E, GH030L, GH030N, GH030S, GH170L, GH170N, GH170S, GK025N, GK030N, GK035N, GK050N, GK055N, GK075N, GK120N, GK170N, GT0220SSL, GT025E, GT025L, GT025N, GT025S, GT0270SEL, GT0270SFG, GT0270SRG, GT0270SSH, GT0270SSL, GT030E, GT030L, GT030N, GT030S, GT035E, GT035L, GT035N, GT035S, GT050E, GT050E, GT050L, GT050L, GT050N, GT050N, GT050S, GT050S, GT050T, GT050T, GT055E, GT055L, GT055N, GT075E, GT075E, GT075L, GT075L, GT075N, GT075N, GT075S, GT075S, GT075T, GT075T, GT120E, GT120L, GT120L, GT120N, GT120N, GT120S, GT120S, GT120T, GT120T, GT170L, GT170L, GT170N, GT170N, GT170S, GT170S, GT170T, GT170T, GU025E, GU025L, GU025N, GU025S, GU030E, GU030L, GU030N, GU030S, GU035E, GU035L, GU035N, GU035S, GU050E, GU050E, GU050L, GU050L, GU050N, GU050N, GU050S, GU050S, GU050T, GU050T, GU055E, GU055L, GU055N, GU075E, GU075E, GU075L, GU075L, GU075N, GU075N, GU075S, GU075S, GU075T, GU075T, GU120E, GU120L, GU120L, GU120N, GU120N, GU120S, GU120S, GU120T, GU120T, GU170L, GU170L, GU170N, GU170N, GU170S, GU170S, GU170T, GU170T, HA025L, HA025L, HA025N, HA025N, HA030L, HA030L, HA030N, HA030N, HA035L, HA035L, HA035N, HA035N, HA050L, HA050L, HA050N, HA050N, HA055L, HA055N, HA075L, HA075L, HA075N, HA075N, HA120L, HA120L, HA120N, HA120N, HA170L, HA170L, HA170N, HA170N, HH030E, HH030F, HH030L, HH030N, HH030R, HH030S, HH170L, HH170N, HH170S, HK025N, HK025R, HK030N, HK030R, HK035N, HK035R, HK050N, HK055N, HK055R, HK075N, HK120N, HK170N, HT025E, HT025E, HT025F, HT025L, HT025L, HT025N, HT025N, HT025R, HT025S, HT025S, HT030D, HT030D, HT030E, HT030E, HT030F, HT030L, HT030L, HT030N, HT030N, HT030R, HT030S, HT030S, HT035E, HT035E, HT035F, HT035L, HT035L, HT035N, HT035N, HT035R, HT035S, HT035S, HT050D, HT050D, HT050E, HT050E, HT050L, HT050L, HT050N, HT050N, HT050S, HT050S, HT050T, HT050T, HT055D, HT055E, HT055F, HT055L, HT055N, HT055R, HT075D, HT075D, HT075E, HT075E, HT075L, HT075L, HT075N, HT075N, HT075S, HT075S, HT075T, HT075T, HT120E, HT120L, HT120L, HT120N, HT120N, HT120S, HT120S, HT120T, HT120T, HT170L, HT170L, HT170N, HT170N, HT170S, HT170S, HT170T, HT170T, HU025E, HU025E, HU025F, HU025L, HU025L, HU025N, HU025N, HU025R, HU025S, HU025S, HU030E, HU030E, HU030F, HU030L, HU030L, HU030N, HU030N, HU030R, HU030S, HU030S, HU035E, HU035E, HU035F, HU035L, HU035L, HU035N, HU035N, HU035R, HU035S, HU035S, HU050E, HU050E, HU050L, HU050L, HU050N, HU050N, HU050S, HU050S, HU050T, HU050T, HU055E, HU055F, HU055L, HU055N, HU055R, HU075E, HU075E, HU075L, HU075L, HU075N, HU075N, HU075S, HU075S, HU075T, HU075T, HU120E, HU120L, HU120L, HU120N, HU120N, HU120S, HU120S, HU120T, HU120T, HU170L, HU170L, HU170N, HU170N, HU170S, HU170S, HU170T, HU170T, JA0220SRG, JA0270SRG, JA0350SRG, JC0220SEL, JC0220SFG, JC0220SRG, JC0220SSH, JC0220SSL, JC0270SEL, JC0270SFG, JC0270SRG, JC0270SSH, JC0270SSL, JC0350SEL, JC0350SFG, JC0350SRG, JC0350SSH, JC0350SSL, JC120CSH, JC120FG, JC170CSH, JC170FG, JC50CE, JC50CG, JC50CSH, JC50EG, JC75CE, JC75CG, JC75CSH, JC75EG, JCB30CE, JCB30CG, JCB30CSH, JCB30CSL, JCB50CE, JCB50CG, JCB50CSH, JCB50EG, JCB75CE, JCB75CG, JCB75CSH, JCB75CSL, JT0220SEL, JT0220SFG, JT0220SRG, JT0220SSH, JT0220SSL, JT0270SEL, JT0270SFG, JT0270SRG, JT0270SSH, JT0270SSL, JT0350SEL, JT0350SFG, JT0350SRG, JT0350SSH, JT0350SSL, JT120CSH, JT120FG, JT170CSH, JT170FG, JT30CE, JT30CG, JT30CGI, JT30CSH, JT30CSL, JT30EG, JT30EGI, JT37CE, JT37CG, JT37CGI, JT37CSH, JT37CSL, JT37EG, JT37EGI, JT50CE, JT50CG, JT50CGI, JT50CSH, JT50CSL, JT50EG, JT50EGI, JT75CE, JT75CG, JT75CSH, JT75CSL, JT75EG, JTB30CE, JTB30CG, JTB30CSH, JTB30CSL, JTB30EG, JTB50CE, JTB50CG, JTB50CSH, JTB50CSL, JTB50EG, JTB75CE, JTB75CG, JTB75CSH, JTB75CSL, JTB75EG, JTD120CG, JTD120CSH, KA025L, KA025N, KA035L, KA035N, KA050L, KA050L, KA050N, KA050N, KA055L, KA055N, KA075L, KA075L, KA075N, KA075N, KA120L, KA120L, KA120N, KA120N, KA170L, KA170L, KA170N, KA170N, KK025N, KK035N, KK050N, KK055N, KK075N, KK120N, KK170N, KT025E, KT025L, KT025N, KT025S, KT035E, KT035L, KT035N, KT035S, KT050E, KT050E, KT050L, KT050L, KT050N, KT050N, KT050S, KT050S, KT050T, KT050T, KT055E, KT055L, KT055N, KT075E, KT075E, KT075L, KT075L, KT075N, KT075N, KT075S, KT075S, KT075T, KT075T, KT120E, KT120L, KT120L, KT120N, KT120N, KT120S, KT120S, KT120T, KT120T, KT170L, KT170L, KT170N, KT170N, KT170S, KT170S, KT170T, KT170T, KU025E, KU025L, KU025N, KU025S, KU035E, KU035L, KU035N, KU035S, KU050E, KU050E, KU050L, KU050L, KU050N, KU050N, KU050S, KU050S, KU050T, KU050T, KU055E, KU055L, KU055N, KU075E, KU075E, KU075L, KU075L, KU075N, KU075N, KU075S, KU075S, KU075T, KU075T, KU120E, KU120L, KU120L, KU120N, KU120N, KU120S, KU120S, KU120T, KU120T, KU170L, KU170L, KU170N, KU170N, KU170S, KU170S, KU170T, KU170T, LA025L, LA025N, LA030L, LA030N, LA035L, LA035N, LA050L, LA050L, LA050N, LA050N, LA075L, LA075L, LA075N, LA075N, LA120L, LA120L, LA120N, LA120N, LA170L, LA170L, LA170N, LA170N, LC0350SRG, LK025N, LK030N, LK035N, LK050N, LK075N, LK120N, LK170N, LT0220SRG, LT025E, LT025L, LT025L, LT025N, LT025N, LT025S, LT0270SRG, LT030E, LT030L, LT030L, LT030N, LT030N, LT030S, LT0350SRG, LT035E, LT035L, LT035L, LT035N, LT035N, LT035S, LT050E, LT050E, LT050L, LT050L, LT050N, LT050N, LT050S, LT050S, LT050T, LT050T, LT075E, LT075E, LT075L, LT075L, LT075N, LT075N, LT075S, LT075S, LT075T, LT075T, LT120E, LT120L, LT120L, LT120N, LT120N, LT120S, LT120S, LT120T, LT120T, LT170L, LT170L, LT170N, LT170N, LT170S, LT170S, LT170T, LT170T, LU025E, LU025L, LU025N, LU025S, LU030E, LU030E, LU030L, LU030L, LU030N, LU030N, LU030S, LU035E, LU035E, LU035L, LU035L, LU035N, LU035N, LU035S, LU050E, LU050E, LU050L, LU050L, LU050N, LU050N, LU050S, LU050S, LU050T, LU050T, LU075E, LU075E, LU075L, LU075L, LU075N, LU075N, LU075S, LU075S, LU075T, LU075T, LU120E, LU120L, LU120L, LU120N, LU120N, LU120S, LU120S, LU120T, LU120T, LU170L, LU170L, LU170N, LU170N, LU170S, LU170S, LU170T, LU170T, PA0220SRG, PA025L, PA025L, PA025N, PA025N, PA0270SRG, PA030L, PA030L, PA030N, PA030N, PA0350SRG, PA035L, PA035L, PA035N, PA035N, PA050L, PA050L, PA050N, PA050N, PA075L, PA075L, PA075N, PA075N, PA120L, PA120L, PA120N, PA120N, PA170L, PA170L, PA170N, PA170N, PC0220SEL, PC0220SFG, PC0220SRG, PC0220SSH, PC0220SSL, PC0270SEL, PC0270SFG, PC0270SRG, PC0270SSH, PC0270SSL, PC0350SEL, PC0350SFG, PC0350SRG, PC0350SSH, PC0350SSL, PH030E, PH030L, PH030N, PH030S, PH170L, PH170N, PH170S, PK025N, PK030N, PK035N, PK050N, PK075N, PK120N, PK170N, PT0220SEL, PT0220SFG, PT0220SRG, PT0220SSH, PT0220SSL, PT025E, PT025E, PT025L, PT025L, PT025N, PT025N, PT025S, PT025S, PT0270SEL, PT0270SFG, PT0270SRG, PT0270SSH, PT0270SSL, PT030E, PT030E, PT030L, PT030L, PT030N, PT030N, PT030S, PT030S, PT0350SEL, PT0350SFG, PT0350SRG, PT0350SSH, PT0350SSL, PT035E, PT035E, PT035L, PT035L, PT035N, PT035N, PT035S, PT035S, PT050E, PT050E, PT050L, PT050L, PT050N, PT050N, PT050S, PT050S, PT050T, PT050T, PT075E, PT075E, PT075L, PT075L, PT075N, PT075N, PT075S, PT075S, PT075T, PT075T, PT120E, PT120L, PT120L, PT120N, PT120N, PT120S, PT120S, PT120T, PT120T, PT170L, PT170L, PT170N, PT170N, PT170S, PT170S, PT170T, PT170T, PU025E, PU025E, PU025L, PU025L, PU025N, PU025N, PU025S, PU025S, PU030E, PU030E, PU030L, PU030L, PU030N, PU030N, PU030S, PU030S, PU035E, PU035E, PU035L, PU035L, PU035N, PU035N, PU035S, PU035S, PU050E, PU050E, PU050L, PU050L, PU050N, PU050N, PU050S, PU050S, PU050T, PU050T, PU075E, PU075E, PU075L, PU075L, PU075N, PU075N, PU075S, PU075S, PU075T, PU075T, PU120E, PU120L, PU120L, PU120N, PU120N, PU120S, PU120S, PU120T, PU120T, PU170L, PU170L, PU170N, PU170N, PU170S, PU170S, PU170T, PU170T, SA0220SRG, SA025L, SA025L, SA025N, SA025N, SA0270SRG, SA030L, SA030L, SA030N, SA030N, SA0350SRG, SA035L, SA035L, SA035N, SA035N, SA050L, SA050L, SA050N, SA050N, SA055L, SA055N, SA075L, SA075L, SA075N, SA075N, SA120L, SA120L, SA120N, SA120N, SA170L, SA170L, SA170N, SA170N, SC0220SEL, SC0220SFG, SC0220SRG, SC0220SSH, SC0220SSL, SC0270SEL, SC0270SFG, SC0270SRG, SC0270SSH, SC0270SSL, SC0350SEL, SC0350SFG, SC0350SRG, SC0350SSH, SC0350SSL, SC120AT, SC120CSH, SC120FG, SC170CSH, SC170FG, SC50CE, SC50CG, SC50CSH, SC50EG, SC75CE, SC75CG, SC75CSH, SC75EG, SCB30CE, SCB30CG, SCB30CSH, SCB30CSL, SCB50AT, SCB50CE, SCB50CG, SCB50CSH, SCB50EG, SCB75CE, SCB75CG, SCB75CSH, SCB75CSL, SH030E, SH030F, SH030L, SH030N, SH030R, SH030S, SH170L, SH170N, SH170S, SK025N, SK025R, SK030N, SK030R, SK035N, SK035R, SK050N, SK055N, SK055R, SK075N, SK120N, SK170N, ST0220SEL, ST0220SFG, ST0220SRG, ST0220SSH, ST0220SSL, ST025E, ST025E, ST025F, ST025L, ST025L, ST025N, ST025N, ST025R, ST025S, ST025S, ST0270SEL, ST0270SFG, ST0270SRG, ST0270SSH, ST0270SSL, ST030D, ST030E, ST030E, ST030F, ST030L, ST030L, ST030N, ST030N, ST030R, ST030S, ST030S, ST0350SEL, ST0350SFG, ST0350SRG, ST0350SSH, ST0350SSL, ST035E, ST035E, ST035F, ST035L, ST035L, ST035N, ST035N, ST035R, ST035S, ST035S, ST050D, ST050D, ST050E, ST050E, ST050L, ST050L, ST050N, ST050N, ST050S, ST050S, ST050T, ST050T, ST055D, ST055E, ST055F, ST055L, ST055N, ST055R, ST075D, ST075D, ST075E, ST075E, ST075L, ST075L, ST075N, ST075N, ST075S, ST075S, ST075T, ST075T, ST120AT, ST120CSH, ST120E, ST120FG, ST120L, ST120L, ST120N, ST120N, ST120S, ST120S, ST120T, ST120T, ST170CSH, ST170FG, ST170L, ST170L, ST170N, ST170N, ST170S, ST170S, ST170T, ST170T, ST30CE, ST30CG, ST30CGI, ST30CSH, ST30CSL, ST30EG, ST30EGI, ST37CE, ST37CG, ST37CGI, ST37CSH, ST37CSL, ST37EG, ST37EGI, ST50CE, ST50CG, ST50CGI, ST50CSH, ST50EGI, ST75CE, ST75CG, ST75CSH, ST75CSL, STB30CE, STB30CG, STB30CSH, STB30CSL, STB30EG, STB50CE, STB50CG, STB50CSH, STB50CSL, STB50EG, STB634, STB75CE, STB75CG, STB75CSH, STB75CSL, STB75EG, STD120CG, STD120CSH, STF75L, STF75L, STF75N, STF75N, SU025E, SU025E, SU025F, SU025L, SU025L, SU025N, SU025N, SU025R, SU025S, SU025S, SU030E, SU030E, SU030F, SU030L, SU030L, SU030N, SU030N, SU030R, SU030S, SU030S, SU035E, SU035E, SU035F, SU035L, SU035L, SU035N, SU035N, SU035R, SU035S, SU035S, SU050E, SU050E, SU050L, SU050L, SU050N, SU050N, SU050S, SU050S, SU050T, SU050T, SU055E, SU055F, SU055L, SU055N, SU055R, SU075E, SU075E, SU075L, SU075L, SU075N, SU075N, SU075S, SU075S, SU075T, SU075T, SU120E, SU120L, SU120L, SU120N, SU120N, SU120S, SU120S, SU120T, SU120T, SU170L, SU170L, SU170N, SU170N, SU170S, SU170S, SU170T, SU170T, TKD50CEMT, TKD50CGMT, UA025L, UA025L, UA025N, UA025N, UA030L, UA030L, UA030N, UA030N, UA035L, UA035L, UA035N, UA035N, UA050L, UA050L, UA050N, UA050N, UA055L, UA055N, UA075L, UA075L, UA075N, UA075N, UA120L, UA120L, UA120N, UA120N, UA170L, UA170L, UA170N, UA170N, UB075E, UB075E, UH030E, UH030F, UH030L, UH030N, UH030R, UH030S, UH170L, UH170N, UH170S, UK025N, UK025R, UK030N, UK030R, UK035N, UK035R, UK050N, UK055N, UK055R, UK075N, UK120N, UK170N, UT025E, UT025E, UT025F, UT025L, UT025L, UT025N, UT025N, UT025R, UT025S, UT025S, UT030E, UT030E, UT030F, UT030L, UT030L, UT030N, UT030N, UT030R, UT030S, UT030S, UT035E, UT035E, UT035F, UT035L, UT035L, UT035N, UT035N, UT035R, UT035S, UT035S, UT050E, UT050E, UT050L, UT050L, UT050N, UT050N, UT050S, UT050S, UT050T, UT050T, UT055E, UT055F, UT055L, UT055N, UT055R, UT075E, UT075E, UT075L, UT075L, UT075N, UT075N, UT075S, UT075S, UT075T, UT075T, UT120E, UT120L, UT120L, UT120N, UT120N, UT120S, UT120S, UT120T, UT120T, UT170L, UT170L, UT170N, UT170N, UT170S, UT170S, UT170T, UT170T, UTF75L, UTF75L, UTF75N, UTF75N, UU025E, UU025E, UU025F, UU025L, UU025L, UU025N, UU025N, UU025R, UU025S, UU025S, UU030E, UU030E, UU030F, UU030L, UU030L, UU030N, UU030N, UU030R, UU030S, UU030S, UU035E, UU035E, UU035F, UU035L, UU035L, UU035N, UU035N, UU035R, UU035S, UU035S, UU050E, UU050E, UU050L, UU050L, UU050N, UU050N, UU050S, UU050S, UU050T, UU050T, UU055E, UU055F, UU055L, UU055N, UU055R, UU075E, UU075E, UU075L, UU075L, UU075N, UU075N, UU075S, UU075S, UU075T, UU075T, UU120E, UU120L, UU120L, UU120N, UU120N, UU120S, UU120S, UU120T, UU120T, UU170L, UU170L, UU170N, UU170N, UU170S, UU170S, UU170T, UU170T, WT120L, WT120N, WT120S, WT170L, WT170N, WT170S, XT120L, XT120L, XT120N, XT120N, XT120S, XT120S, XT120T, XT120T, XT170L, XT170L, XT170N, XT170N, XT170S, XT170S, XT170T, XT170T, XU120L, XU120L, XU120N, XU120N, XU120S, XU120S, XU120T, XU120T, XU170L, XU170L, XU170N, XU170N, XU170S, XU170S, XU170T, XU170T, YU035E, YU035E, YU035L, YU035N, YU035S, YU035S, YU120E, YU120L, YU120N, YU120S, YU120S, YU120T, YU120T, YU170L, YU170N, YU170S, YU170T,