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Dexter Single Dryer Control Board Repair


Base Price – see “Additional Parts” below.

We repair all Dexter single pocket dryer control boards, including part numbers: 9471-002-001, 9471-005-001, 9471-010-001, 9471-010-002, 9471-010-003, 9471-011-002, 9471-011-003, 9471-015-001, 9471-016-001, 9471-016-003, 9471-022-001, 9732-102-007, 9732-103-009, 9732-103-010, 9732-148-002


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Additional Parts:

If you send this control board in mounted to the metal frame with the keypad attached, we will test the keypad and replace it if it is damaged.  A replacement keypad costs $100 in addition to the repair price of the control board.  We have the following Dexter single dryer keypads in stock:

Type I: 9801-058-001

Type II: 9801-058-003, 9801-058-005, 9801-077-001