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Refurbished IPSO PS40 Lite Washer Control Board


Interchangeable Part Numbers: 209/00552/00, 209/00552/02, 209/00552/02P

Replaced by Part Number: B12351701

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CHC012ANH, CHC018ANH, CHC025ANH, CHC030ANH, CHC035ANH, CHF033ANH, CHF045ANH, CHF055ANH, CHF075ANH, CHF100ANH, CHF135ANH, CHF150ANH, CHF165ANH, CHF185ANH, CHF234ANH, CHF304ANH, CWE040AN2, CWE050AN2, CWE050ANM, CWE181AN2, CWE234AN2, CWE304AN2, CWF018AN2, CWF018ANM, CWF025AN2, CWF025ANM, CWF035AN2, CWF035ANM, CWF055AN2, CWF055ANM, CWF075AN2, CWF075ANM, HC100_PS40F, HC135_PS40F, HC165_PS40F, HC60_PS40F, HC65_PS40F, HC75_PS40F, HF145_PS40F, HF150_PS40F, HF176_PS40F, HF185_PS40F, HF205_PS40F, HF234_PS40F, HF304_PS40F, HF455_PS40F, HF575_PS40F, HF730_PS40F, HF900_PS40F, HW55_PS40F, HW64_PS40, HW72_PS40, HW94_PS40, IHC012ANH, IHC018ANH, IHC025ANH, IHC030ANH, IHC035ANH, IHC060ANH, IHC065ANH, IHC075ANH, IHC100ANH, IHC135ANH, IHC165ANH, IHF033ANH, IHF045ANH, IHF055ANH, IHF075ANH, IHF100ANH, IHF135ANH, IHF150ANH, IHF165ANH, IHF185ANH, IHF234ANH, IHF304ANH, IHF455ANH, IHF575ANH, IHF730ANH, IHF900ANH, IHW018ANH, IHW025ANH, IHW035ANH, IWE040AN2, IWE050AN2, IWE050ANM, IWE075AN2, IWE181AN2, IWE234AN2, IWE304AN2, IWF014AN2, IWF014ANM, IWF018AN2, IWF018ANM, IWF025AN2, IWF025ANM, IWF030AN2, IWF030ANM, IWF033AN2, IWF033ANM, IWF040AN2, IWF040ANM, IWF055AN2, IWF055ANM, IWF065AN2, IWF065ANM, IWF074AN2, IWF074ANM, IWF075AN2, IWF075ANM, IWF090AN2, IWF100AN2, IWF100ANM, IWF135AN2, IWF135ANM, IWF150AN2, IWF150ANM, IWF165AN2, IWF165ANM, IWF185AN2, IWF185ANM, IWF235AN2, IWF235ANM, IWF305AN2, IWF305ANM, IWF400AN2, WE181_PS40F, WE234_PS40F, WE304_PS40F, WE55_PS40F, WE73_PS40F, WE95_PS40F, WF100_PS40F, WF135_PS40F, WF150_PS40F, WF165_PS40F, WF185_PS40F, WF235_PS40F, WF305_PS40F, WF400_PS40F, WF65_PS40F, WF75_PS40F, WFF100_PS40F, WFF135_PS40F, WFF150_PS40F, WFF165_PS40F, WFF185_PS40F, WFF235_PS40F, WFF305_PS40F, WFF65_PS40F, WFF75_PS40F,