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Continental Girbau Stacked Dryer Computer Board Repair


Base Price – see “Additional Parts” below.

We repair all Continental Girbau stacked dryer control boards, including the following:

Part Numbers with Black Touch Pads: 9857-147-003, 9857-147-004, 9857-147-012

Part Numbers with Red Touch Pads: 9857-133-015, 9857-147-007, 9857-147-013

Click to see Model Numbers:

Additional Parts:

We often have to replace damaged touch pads on these control boards during the repair process.  Each touch pad costs an additional $30 each.  We have the following touch pads in stock:

Black with upper ribbon connector #9801-073-002

Red with upper ribbon connector #9801-064-002

Red with lower ribbon connector #9801-064-001