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Refurbished Alliance WE6 WS Fuse / Output Board


Part Number: 370535, F370535, F370535P

**These boards will work in machines with fixed or inverter driven motors**

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BF250PV, BF35PV, BF50PV, BF85PV, SF250PV, SF35PV, SF50PV, SF85PV, UF250PV, UF35PV, UF50PV, UF85PV, UW100PV, UW125P4, UW125PV, UW35P2, UW35P3, UW35P4, UW35PV, UW50P2, UW50P3, UW50P4, UW50PV, UW60P2, UW60P3, UW60PV, UW65P4, UW65PV, UW80PV, UW85P3, UW85P4, UW85PV,