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New Touch Pad Policy for Dexter and Continental Stacked Boards

We’ve made a change to ensure that your circuit boards will work throughout our one-year warranty period and beyond.  We conducted a study over the past year and found that the main r eason many Dexter and Continental stacked dryer boards are returned under warranty is because the original touch pad fai led.  We cannot cover touch pads in our warranty as they’re a “wear item,” just like the tires on your car. We used to replace the touch pads with Dexter and Continental replacements whenever they failed at the discount price of $60 each.  To save you money without sacrificing quality, we’re now having many touch pad styles manufactured for us.  They are the same quality as the Dexter and Continental parts, but we can now offer them to you for $30 each, which is well below wholesale pricing. Instead of having your machine down for an extended period while you wait on a warranty repair (which is usually just replacing the touch pad), we are now replacing these parts whenever they have compression fractures and/or indentations in the buttons.  This damage indicates that it will fail in the next few months of regular use.  This makes a more streamlined repair process on our end, and that gets you the best repairs possible—faster, and for less money. If you have any questions, send us an email and we’ll be glad to get back to you as soon as possible. As always, we greatly appreciate your business!