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New Assessment Fee Starting July 1st

Upcoming Assessment Fee

(and how to avoid it)

We wanted to let you know of one policy change that will go into effect as of July 1st.

To offset a fraction of our costs, we will be charging a $10 assessment fee for each unrepairable unit that you ask us to return.

Here’s why:

Every board we receive is fully re-manufactured before being tested and shipped.  As hard as we try to repair every board, occasionally some are not repairable, but they have gotten the same amount of processing and diagnostics as the boards that pass the simulator tests.

This fee will NOT be charged if:

  • Your board is repairable.  You will be charged the regular repair price.
  • Your board is unrepairable and you let us recycle it.

The only time that you will see this fee is if you ask us to return your unrepairable board(s). Parts, labor, and shipping are our three largest expenses, and charging this minimal fee when we return dead boards will help to keep our repair prices low.

As always, basic shipping—both ways—is free. Every repair still comes with our comprehensive, one-year warranty.

If we are unable to repair one of your circuit boards, we will do our best to provide you with a refurbished board or offer you a discount on a new one.  Our mission is to keep your maintenance costs low while providing the highest quality repairs and best customer service in the industry.

Thank you for your understanding.  We greatly appreciate your business!