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Mountain Electronics Goes “Greener”

From their inception ten years ago, Mountain Electronics Inc. has made it their mission to leave a lighter footprint on the earth in their everyday business practices.   First of all, by repairing broken laundry computer boards, Mountain Electronics keeps these expensive components (and often the entire machines) from going to the landfill, thus minimizing waste while also saving their customers a lot of “green.”   Behind the scenes at their repair facility, they take extra steps to offset the energy used in shipping the repaired computer boards back to their customers.   All printer paper, void fill, and even sticky notes are made from 100% recycled paper, and they choose to use biodegradable cornstarch peanuts in their packing rather than Styrofoam peanuts.   Whenever possible and practical, they re-use clean packaging material such as boxes and void fill.  Customers are also offered the option of emailed invoices, saving even more paper (and therefore more trees!).

Mountain Electronics has also recently taken another big step in the green direction.   For years they had been looking for a viable alternative to petroleum-based bubble wrap, and they are happy to announce that they have finally found an innovative green alternative:  Geami Sustainable Protective Packaging.   This is an ingenious paper wrap that protects the delicate computer boards during shipping, is naturally anti-static so as not to damage any static-sensitive components, derived from sustainably-managed forests, and easily recyclable.   By using this product, they have nearly eliminated the need to buy new plastic packaging.   In every way, Mountain Electronics tries to be as friendly to the earth as it is to its customers!

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