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Dexter Stack Programming

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Dexter Stack Dryer

Programming Instructions



  1. Open upper and lower dryer doors
  2. Push the program switch on the back of the controller circuit board.



  1. the Upper display shows the setting for each program step
  2. the Lower display shows the number of the program step.
  3. the lower “Hot” will advance the controller through the steps.
  4. the upper and lower “Start” increase and decrease the values in the upper display.
  5. the lower “Perm Press” switch will set the step to factory default.
  6. Go to the appropriate step and change the value using the Start keys; press the lower “Hot” button again to save the new value.


  1. close the dryer doors OR press the program switch again.


For more information, see Dexter Commercial Stack Dryer Manual (p/n 8533-027-001).

For more information, see Dexter Commercial Stack Dryer Manual (p/n 8533-027-001).



Step Description Programming Increments Factory Default Value
00 Lower drum hours 0
01 Upper drum hours 0
02 Lower drum Money Audit 0
03 Upper drum Money Audit 0
04 Hot Temp setting 5 175
05 Perm Press Temp Setting 5 150
06 Warm Temp Setting 5 125
07 Skip (not used) .10
08 Coin Value 5 .25
09 Vend Price 5 .25
10 Skip (not used) 3:20
11 Time per Coin 5 sec. 10:00
12 Additional time 5 sec. 10:00
13 Cooldown time HOT 5 sec. 2:00
14 Cooldown time PERM PRESS 5 sec. 2:00
15 Cooldown time WARM 5 sec. 2:00
16 Fahrenheit or Celsius Degrees F / C F


Error Codes


F1 – Shorted sensor or shorted sensor wire harness.

F2 – Open sensor or sensor wire harness unplugged.

F1 or F2 in both displays at the same time usually would mean that the control itself is defective as it would be unlikely that both sensors would develop a problem at the same time.

F3 – Electronic Control Failure

F5 – Electronic Control Failure

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