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It’s Refurb-tober!

Happy October! The weather is cooling off and it is once again harvest time. We are happy to share our bumper crop of refurbished circuit boards fresh from the tech benches! 

Our happiest customers are those with spare boards because they never have a machine down while they ship us a circuit board to repair. Our refurbished boards come with a one-year warranty, and most are available for less than half the cost of a new replacement. So, refurbished boards save you money in two ways – they are less expensiveexpensive, and you have no out-of-order machines! 

Here are two ways you can get your hands on these money-savers: 

  1. Call us at 828-675-9200, Monday through Friday between 9am and 5:30pm Eastern time 
  1. Visit the Shop on our website 

When you use our online Shop, you can search for your part number or use keywords. On the product page select “Refurbished” from the Select A Service Type dropdown menu 

If we have a board available, you can see how many are available and the price. Just add the item to your cart, use the secure check out, and wait for your board to be shipped to you free of charge, if you are in the contiguous U.S. 

If we do not have your desired board right now, you can join the waiting list. This means that as soon as we have that board back in stock, you will get an email with a link to buy it Just keep in mind that everyone else on the waiting list gets the same notification at the same time. Act fast when you get that email! 

We hope this fall finds you and your families safe and healthy. And we hope to hear from you again soon! 

As always, we greatly appreciate your business.