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Growth and Efficiency Over the Past Year (Update April 2021)

During the 22 years that Mountain Electronics, Inc has been repairing circuit boards for the commercial laundry industry, they have emerged from each national and global crisis stronger and better than before, and the pandemic is no exception.  Closing for a few weeks in April 2020 proved to be an excellent opportunity to redesign their workflow.  The new and improved remanufacturing process is more efficient than ever.  They are able to repair more circuit boards in a shorter amount of time, while maintaining high quality repairs and decreasing the warranty return rate.  This increase in productivity has also allowed their engineers to focus on research and development of new simulators to test the newest generation of laundry circuit boards.

Another exciting venture was the purchase of ALJ Electronics in October 2020.  Al Johnson, founder of ALJ Electronics, was the pioneer in laundry electronics repair in the 1980’s.  The Mountain Electronics team is honored to carry on the Johnson family’s tradition of innovation and quality.  With this merger, Mountain Electronics acquired many cores which they have remanufactured and are now for sale on their website along with the parts they repair.  The website also offers a newly streamlined shipping label form where customers can create and print free UPS shipping labels to send their computer boards to be repaired. These recent developments help Mountain Electronics meet the needs of their customers and continue to be the industry leader in laundry electronics repairs.