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Free Shipping Label Form Tips and Tricks

We are so excited about how easily most of our customers have adapted to the new form to get a free UPS shipping label. Once we receive your box we are able to scan the barcode on your label, and the information you entered in the site auto-fills to your work order. This makes processing your order much faster and easier.

Even though you may have been using the new shipping labels for almost four months now, here are a few tips that you might not have realized.

Your Selections Are Highlighted in Green

All the buttons on the form have a default and are automatically green, but if you select a different answer it will turn green. Whichever button is green is the one we will follow for your order.

A few examples:

– This tells us that you are NOT a new customer.

– This tells us that you want to be contacted with quotes for additional fees for faster return shipping.

– This tells us that you would like us to recycle your boards if we cannot repair them.

You Can Send Several Boards in One Box with One Label

That is right! If your boards are packed so they ship safely, you can put them all in one box. The Board Symptoms and Information field can hold all that information. You can put as much board info as you have onto separate lines. Please note that this box is a required field, and you will not be able to create a label without having some information in this box.

Or, you can separate multiple models and serial numbers with commas in those specific fields. Please note that model and serial numbers are optional fields, so if you do not have this information handy, you can skip over this part.

You Can Make Multiple Boxes Part of the Same Order

Did your order end up being a few boxes? No problem. If it is all meant to be shipped together, you can handle that here:

Just click on the plus button to add another box. Make sure to add weights for all the boxes you add. You can click the minus button to remove any boxes you may have added accidentally.

If you have not used the new form at all, here is a video that shows you from start to finish how you can make a free shipping label:

And finally, if you cannot get the label form to work (make sure you are not using the Internet Explorer web browser) you can print out our old Information Form to include with your shipment:

I prefer to use a different mail carrier or service