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Five Steps to Circuit Board Happiness

Refurbished Back-Up = Happiness

Consistently, we find that our happiest customers are the ones who have back-up parts ready to swoop in and save the day.

Did you know that Mountain Electronics sells refurbished boards that carry a one-year warranty? Did you know that those back-ups are available, in most cases, for less than half the cost of a new replacement?

A refurbished board could make you one our happiest customers, too!

Five Steps to Circuit Board Happiness:

  1. Go to the Shop menu
  2. We make finding your board easy. Parts are sorted by manufacturer and type, just click on either one.
    • PRO TIP:  Enter the part number or a search term into the search box on the right. Voila!The Search Box is to the right of the Shop
  3. Click on the board that is going to save your machine from being down for a week.
  4. On the product page, click the Service Type drop down and choose Refurbished
    • DID YOU KNOW? Some boards have interchangeable part numbers, meaning any of those numbers will work in your machine, but you can choose which one you’d prefer.Choose Refurbished from the Dropdown Menu
  5. If it’s In Stock, there’s your price. Add it to your cart, buy it now, and bask in your brilliance!
  6. If it’s not in stock, you’ve still got options.
    • Join the Waitlist – As soon as the item is in stock, you’ll receive an email with a link to buy it right away. Remember, everyone on the Waitlist gets the email at the same time, so you have you to act fast when you get it.Choose Join Waitlist to join a waitlist
    • Choose “Repair Service” – Our repair turnaround is about a week and a half to two weeks, plus shipping time. This is our most economical option. Or, you can call and ask about availability of our RUSH service with one business day turnaround.

Don’t forget, you can always call us M-F between 9 am and 5:30 pm Eastern at 828-675-9200 to help with your purchase.

We look forward to helping you achieve Circuit Board Happiness!