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Refurbished Unimac / Speed Queen Washer Main Control Board



Part Numbers: 370452-00A, 370455, 370465

**You must provide your full PART NUMER and HEX code printed on the microprocessor BEFORE this order can be shipped. Please include this information in your order notes on the checkout page.**


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HC20BC2, HC20BL2, HC20BX2, HC20BY2, HC25BC2, HC25BL2, HC25BX2, HC25BY2, HC30BC2, HC30BL2, HC30BX2, HC30BY2, HC40BC2, HC40BL2, HC40BX2, HC40BY2, HC50BC2, HC50BL2, HC50BX2, HC50BY2, HC60BC2, HC60BL2, HC60BX2, HC60BY2, SC20BC2, SC20BL2, SC20BX2, SC20BY2, SC25BC2, SC25BL2, SC25BX2, SC25BY2, SC30BC2, SC30BL2, SC30BX2, SC30BY2, SC40BC2, SC40BL2, SC40BX2, SC40BY2, SC50BC2, SC50BL2, SC50BX2, SC50BY2, SC60BC2, SC60BL2, SC60BX2, SC60BY2,