Refurbished Speed Queen / Huebsch Horizon Top Load Washer 6 Button Control Board

Part Number: 687540, 800303


Additional Parts:

Replacement touch pads for this control board cost $30 each.  Any damaged touch pad will be automatically replaced for this additional fee during repair.

Definition of Service Types

  • Repair: You send in your broken board to us. We fix it and return it to you. This is covered by our 1 year warranty.
  • Refurbished: You buy a remanufactured board from us. This is covered by our 1 year warranty.
  • New: This is a brand new board. This is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

HTE517*E2802, HTE517*H2802, HTE717*E2802, HTG519*E0902, HTG519*H0902, HTG719*E0902, STE517*E, STE517*H, STE717*E, STE717*H, STG519*E, STG519*H, STG719*E and STG719*H

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