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When I send you my computer board, do you repair mine or send me a refurbished one?

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We repair your computer board and send it back to you. This way we can retain your individual settings and programming parameters, unless the repair procedure requires resetting the board back to factory default settings. We work very hard to keep our work load managed so that turn around time is not an issue. Of course, there are always times when a customer needs a board right away, and we always try to accommodate our customers under such circumstances. We offer RUSH service for an additional, non-refundable $30 per board, or we may have a refurbished board in stock that you can buy.  We encourage all of our customers to have a spare board so that they won’t have a machine down while they are sending in a board for repair.  Check our shop to see if we have any new or refurbished boards available to buy, or call us.

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