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What is the procedure for getting my computer boards repaired?

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We offer a complete re-manufacturing process for your laundry circuit boards. Ship your circuit boards to us via your preferred carrier or get a free inbound shipping label here. Include your complete contact information inside the box as well as a note describing the symptoms of your boards.

  • Once we receive your box, we unpack it and enter your customer information and part numbers into our database.
  • Next, your boards go to our “Standard Repair Department” where all of the components that tend to fail on this style circuit board get removed, whether or not all of those components have failed yet on your boards.  Your boards then get washed thoroughly with our parts washer and then repopulated with new components.
  • Then your order goes to our “Diagnostic Repair Department” where trained technicians do the final repairs and testing, including repairing trace lines and broken solder connections, replacing damaged components that are out of the ordinary, replacing touch pads and displays as needed, and finally hooking your boards up to our test simulators.
  • Once your boards pass all the tests they are sent to the shipping department.  We will call you with any technical or billing questions, apply your payment, and ship the order back to you.  We offer free return shipping via UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail.

The whole process takes approximately 1-2 weeks in the shop, and all of our repairs are covered by a one-year warranty.

Please note that free shipping options only carry $100 insurance coverage. If you wish to have more coverage for your order when we ship it back to you, please note the amount you want each board insured for in the notes included with your shipment. The shipping charges will be added to your bill accordingly. If you would like more insurance for the shipment to us, you will need to pay for the inbound shipping with your preferred carrier.
We charge a $10 assessment fee per board. This fee will be waived if a board is repairable, or if a customer allows us to recycle their board without returning it.
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