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Is my board going to be tested?

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When we receive control boards in for repair, THEY DO NOT GET TESTED FIRST.  Since all we do is repair circuit boards, we presume that any circuit board you send us needs to be repaired.  We encourage our customers to field-test your boards before sending them in for repair: swap your board into a working machine or put a good board in the machine with the problem to determine if the circuit board is bad or if the problem is elsewhere in your machine.

Once we receive your circuit boards they get disassembled, then we remove all the parts that tend to fail on that style control board (whether or not all those parts have failed on your control board yet), then the boards get thoroughly washed.  Next, the control boards go to our trained technicians who repair any broken solder connections or burned trace lines, replace any additional components that are damaged, and then hook-up the control boards to our test simulators for final testing.

We charge a $10 assessment fee per board. This fee will be waived if a board is repairable, or if a customer allows us to recycle their board without returning it. This is not a fee for testing a board’s viability only, as we do not offer that service.

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