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I need my computer board repaired very quickly! Do you have RUSH Service?

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We want to provide superior service to all of our customers. Many customers have spare computer boards on hand, and so super-quick service is not necessary. If you are in need of exceptionally fast service, we do offer RUSH service on most control boards. This service costs an additional non-refundable $30 per board and guarantees that your board will be repaired and tested within one business day of us receiving it.

Please note: Rush service does not include rush shipping. We are happy to upgrade the return shipping to UPS Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, etc., but any additional shipping charges will be billed to you. Also, we cannot split up received orders to rush only part of the order. You will need to include a note indicating if you want expedited return shipping, otherwise we will ship it back with one of our free shipping options (UPS Ground, FedEx Ground, or USPS Priority Mail or First Class Mail).

We get lots of boxes delivered to us everyday, and we need to open any RUSH orders first, so please always write the word “RUSH” on the outside of your box, on multiple sides, so that we can easily spot it in the mountain of boxes that are delivered every day.

Please note that holiday closures may delay RUSH service delivery times.

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