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I heard you have free shipping. How does that work?

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Yes! We offer FREE UPS Ground shipping labels for you to send us your orders. If you’re logged in, click on the SHIP tab up above. If you’re not logged in or not registered, click on the ACCOUNT tab.

  • FREE UPS Ground shipping labels only carry basic UPS insurance, which covers up to $100. If you would like more insurance for the shipment to us, you will need to pay for the inbound shipping with your preferred carrier.
  • Return shipping will be whichever option is less expensive between UPS Ground, FedEx Ground, and USPS Priority/First Class. If one or the other doesn’t deliver to your location, please make us aware in your included notes.
    • We will add the difference in shipping charges to your invoice for your preferred shipping method.
    • We charge a $10 assessment fee per board. This fee will be waived if a board is repairable, or if a customer allows us to recycle their board without returning it.
  • Please be aware that FREE return shipping carries the same insurance coverage as FREE incoming labels. If you want your shipment insured for more, please provide your desired insured value for each board in your order.
    • Additional shipping charges will be added to your order accordingly.
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