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Common Questions and Troubleshooting Tips with the Free Shipping Label form

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Some Common Questions:

I need to leave and print the label later, can I come back to it?

Yes! You can retrieve your label from two places.

  • Repair Orders: This page will show you a history of all the repairs you have sent us since March 2020. Here you may download the label within 5 days of creating your label(s).
  • Email: When you create your label, you will receive an email confirming your repair order. This email will have your label(s) attached.

Label is too large to fit on the page!

You need to resize the image file to fit the page. Download the image file. In Windows, using Photos, click print. Choose your printer. Then, scroll down and you will see the “Fit” option. Change to “Shrink to Fit”. If the image is too large, above this option is “Photo Size”, change this to “4 x 6 in.”. Then click print.

If you are using a Mac, download the file and open it up. Then click file, and print. Make sure “Scale to Fit” is selected as shown below.

If you’re still having trouble, please consult your printer’s manual, or contact your printer servicer.

Some Common Issues:

Try refreshing your browser’s cache!

A lot of issues can be solved by clearing the cache from your browser. In most cases, clearing your cache is a simple keyboard shortcut. On your browser, do the following

  • Windows:
    • Chrome, FireFox, Edge: CTRL  SHIFT   R
  • Apple:
    • Safari: ⌘⌥E (COMMAND  OPTION  E)
    • Chrome, FireFox: ⌘⇧R (COMMAND   SHIFT   R)

Then quit the browser and try again.

I’m getting a message about Internet Explorer.

You are using Internet Explorer. Microsoft is in the process of moving its users away from using this internet browser. We ask that you please consider using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari (if using Macintosh or other Apple devices).

I’m not using Internet Explorer, but I still can’t get a label.

If you are using an older computer, it’s possible that the browser you are using is out of date. We have found that users who are using Apple macOS software before OS X 10.12 (Sierra) have issues accessing our form. If possible, please update your operating system or use another computer. On Macs, you can check this by clicking the  logo in the top left corner, then clicking “About This Mac”, the window that pops up will tell you the name of the Operating system and the version number below the name.

I’m on a mobile device, and I cannot get a label.

If you are on mobile device, please make sure that the device is running the latest version of its operating system (iOS, iPadOS, or Android). Then please use either Chrome or Safari and try again. If the device is older, there’s a possibility that the form may not work. Please try using the form on a computer if problem persists on mobile devices.

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