We repair the electronic control boards, card readers, and ignitors from all commercial laundry manufactures, including:

  • Dryer Control Boards: $65 (touch pad replacement extra, call for quote on ADC boards)
  • Top Load Washer Control Boards: $65 (touch pad replacement extra)
  • Front Load Washer Control Boards: $65 – $325
  • Dexter & Wascomat Inverters: $250 (no Mitsubishi, Altivar, Wascomat Crossover, VFD-E $350)
  • Motor Controls: $65 – $250
  • Output Boards: $65 – $150
  • Card Readers: $65 (additional parts extra, e.g. bezel, display, mag reader, etc.)
  • Door Lock Boards: $65
  • Coin Accumulators: $65
  • Ignition Controls: $45 (some water heater boards $65)

For an exact pricing quote, call us with the part number of your control board:



When we receive control boards in for repair, THEY DO NOT GET TESTED UPON ARRIVAL so please field test the board before shipping it to us. Once we receive your order, the boards are disassembled, washed, and all the parts that tend to fail are replaced. Next, the control boards go to our trained technicians who assess and repair any additional damage and test them on our simulators. All repairs include a one-year warranty and free return shipping. If you have any questions, please contact us!

BEGINNING 7/1/20: We charge a $10 assessment fee. This fee will be waived if a board is repairable, or if a customer allows us to recycle their board without returning it.

We cannot give discounts on any board whose repair price is below $65.

  • When 5 or more identical boards from the same shipment are repaired, we will apply a $5 (or greater) discount to each repaired board.
  • When 10 or more identical boards from the same shipment are repaired, we will apply a $10 (or greater) discount to each board.
  • 20+ boards in a single order, we will apply $10 (or greater) discount to each board.

We offer free inbound shipping to our US customers through our website. We also ship back to customers in the lower 48 states of the US for FREE via UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail. We do ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or any of the US territories, however, you will be billed for the shipping charges. For international orders, we only ship to Canada on a per case basis. Please contact us for more information.

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All of our repairs are covered under warranty for ONE YEAR! If your computer board should fail within the warranty period, just send it back to us with a detailed description of the problem, and we will repair the board again at no charge. If for any reason the board is not repairable, we will gladly refund your money or credit your account.

Warranties MAY be voided due to damage from improper installation and adjustment, power surges, corrosion, abuse, shipping damage, or other causes beyond the control of Mountain Electronics, Inc. Any alteration of the product voids this warranty in its entirety.

Please note that altering, covering, or removing the warranty sticker voids the warranty.

If you have any questions, please contact us!